Infographic for Sacramento State

Written by Dechen on
Infographic for Sacramento State
August 2020


Sacramento State’s College of Engineering and Computer Science(ECS) department was bringing major changes to their resources for students starting Fall 2020 Semester. I am currently their student Graphic Design Assistant and helped the team create an infographic to inform students. This infographic is featured on this page.


I was given a document which listed all the major changes to the resources. I then consulted with my supervisor about the graphic specs such as color schemes and dimension of the graphic.

After a few meetings with my team and supervisors, I created this infographic, adhering the color schemes to match Sacramento State’s original color of green and gold. I also created a subtle honey-comb like texture for the background of the header as the mascot of the university is a hornet.

I made use of simple logos to make the infographic eye catching as well as readable.


  • Adobe Illustrator

Full render of the infographic