Logo design for a non-profit organization

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Logo design for a non-profit organization
October 2019


Last year, my best friend asked me if I could design a logo for an upcoming project her and her colleague were working on. I happily said of course! The logo was created for a non-profit organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area called Nyamdu Dro Mentorship.

Here’s a little snippet about Nyamdu Dro Mentorship:

In Tibetan, “nyamdu dro” translates to “go together,” a literal representation of our belief in the power of community and collaboration. We are a platform for Tibetan youth in the Bay Area to create meaningful professional relationships.


My friend and I exchanged a couple of texts about the logo design and she wanted the logo to include two tibetan youths and somehow incorporate the beauty of Tibetan culture as well.

I then went online and google searched many images of young Tibetan youths in their traditional attire and I found a couple of them which caught my eye. I also searched for Tibetan prayer flags and did my research to make sure that the pictures I found were authentic and not disrespectful of the Tibetan culture.

I grabbed my pen and paper and started sketching for the logo design. Here is what I came up with:

After I was satisfied with the sketch, I scanned the image over to Adobe Illustrator and then started tracing the main components. I created appropriate layers and named them accordingly. As a designer, I find that names are so crucial to any design piece that you are making.

For the logo, I played around with bright colors to make it fun and interactive. The logo includes two Tibetan youths holding hands together to symbolize the meaning behind the organization. The background of the logo has the beautiful Himalayan mountains which surrounds Tibet. Adding in the prayer flags was the last finishing touch to the logo. My friend and her colleague were really happy with the end results.

Here is a picture of me hanging out with the Nyamdu Dro Mentorship crew and my logo being displayed on their banner.


  • Adobe Illustrator